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Question: Where did Socrates live? Greek Philosophers: Socrates (470-399 BC) was one of the most influential Greek philosophers. While none of his written works survive, much of his teachings and. Socrates was an ancient Greek philosopher considered to be the main source of Western thought. He was condemned to death for his Socratic method of questioning Where did Socrates live while doing most of his thinking? While doing most of his thinking, Socrates lived in Athens in Greece doing hard labour as a stone- cutter, in the middle of his people and. Socrates did not write anything and we know of him only through the dialogues of his student, Plato, and through the other 'Sokratikoi Logoi' (discourses of Socrates) written by other students such as Xenophon. Socrates was a citizen of the city-state of Athens and spent most of his life there until he was sentenced to death in 399 BCE Where did Socrates live? Describe his physical appearance. socrates; class-10; Share It On Facebook Twitter Email. 1 Answer +1 vote . answered Aug 17, 2019 by suman (71.4k points) selected Aug 17, 2019 by Vikash Kumar . Best answer. Socrates lived in Athens. He was ugly.

Socrates did not write anything and we know of him only through the dialogues of his student, Plato, and through the other 'Sokratikoi Logoi' (discourses of Socrates) written by other students. Socrates was one of the most influential Greek philosophers of the ancient era. Check out this biography to know about his childhood, family life, achievements and fun facts about him Socrates did not accept the favor of his friends, to escape, but so believed in his duty to obey the law of Athens that he accepted the deth penalty. He was 70 years old at the time of his death; it is not very likely that he had many years of heatlth toward to Did you know? Although he never outright rejected the standard Athenian view of religion, Socrates' beliefs were nonconformist. He often referred to God rather than the gods, and reported being.

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Socrates - Socrates - Life and personality: Although the sources provide only a small amount of information about the life and personality of Socrates, a unique and vivid picture of him shines through, particularly in some of the works of Plato. We know the names of his father, Sophroniscus (probably a stonemason), his mother, Phaenarete, and his wife, Xanthippe, and we know that he had three. When and where did Socrates live Ask for details ; Follow Report by Vivekyadav62 21.08.2019 Log in to add a commen

Socrates was an ancient Greek philosopher, one of the three greatest figures of the ancient period of Western philosophy (the others were Plato and Aristotle), who lived in Athens in the 5th century BCE.A legendary figure even in his own time, he was admired by his followers for his integrity, his self-mastery, his profound philosophical insight, and his great argumentative skill Socrates of Athens (l. c. 470/469-399 BCE) is among the most famous figures in world history for his contributions to the development of ancient Greek philosophy which provided the foundation for all of Western Philosophy.He is, in fact, known as the Father of Western Philosophy for this reason. He was originally a sculptor who seems to have also had a number of other occupations, including.

Socrates was born in the 5th Century BCE. This comes after a particularly notable political upheaval on various fronts in the previous two decades (although I suppose this could be said of literally any time period surrounding his birth, before or.. Who was Socrates? 2. Where did Socrates live? When was he born? 3. What was 'Socrates' aim in talking to people? 4. What was Socrates accused of? 5. Why did he not listen to his friend's advice? 6. What great qualities of Socrates are brought out in the lesson? 7 Xenophon's account states that Socrates believed it was the right time for him to die and he was better off dead. The reasons he gave in support of his decisions were many: 1. He did not want to create an impression that he was afraid of death. 2. He did not want to flee as he would encounter the same fate in any other country. 3 Or how will you still be able to say as Socrates did, If so it pleases God, so let it be? Do you think that Socrates if he had been eager to pass his leisure in the Lyceum or in the Academy and to discourse daily with the young men, would have readily served in military expeditions so often as he did; and would he not have lamented and groaned, Wretch that I am; I must now be miserable here. Socrates' wife was Xanthippe. It's commonly known amongst those who have studied Socrates that his wife wasn't the most appealing person to be around, according to the husband, himself. Whether or not Xanthippe was physically attractive, valuable.

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It did not help matters that Socrates seemed to have a higher opinion of women than most of his companions had, speaking of men and women, priests and priestesses, and naming foreign women as his teachers: Socrates claimed to have learned rhetoric from Aspasia of Miletus, the de facto spouse of Pericles (Plato, Menexenus); and to have learned erotics from the priestess Diotima of. 2015.03.27 | By Gregory Nagy §0. In H24H 24§45, I quote and analyze the passage in Plato's Phaedo 117a-118a where Socrates dies. His last words, as transmitted by Plato, are directed at all those who have followed Socrates—and who have had the unforgettable experience of engaging in dialogue with him. Calling out to one of those followers, Crito, who was a native son of the same. Socrates was one of the greatest Greek philosophers by a wide margin. He was born in 469 BCE at a place called Deme Alpoece, Athens. For the entirety of his life, this classical Greek philosopher devoted himself to finding the most ideal way of living a moral life Socrates is considered the first major western philosopher along with his pupil Plato. Socrates lived a simple life in Athens, and after being both a stonemason and soldier, he became a philosopher. Socrates invented the Socratic method of inquiry which sought to highlight people's ignorance, through questioning which lead to contradictions in their beliefs; however, this didn't go down well.

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Socrates (c. 469 - 399 B.C.) was a hugely important Greek philosopher from the Classical period (often known as the Socratic period in his honor). Unlike most of the Pre-Socratic philosophers who came before him, who were much more interested in establishing how the world works, Socrates was more concerned with how people should behave, and so was perhaps the first major philosopher of Ethics He had no particular beliefs on politics but did object to democracy, but disliked its Athenian form. Basically, he objected to any government that did not run on the basis of his ideas of perfect governance. Socrates refused to enter politics because he could not tell other people how to lead their lives when he didn't know how to live his own Greek philosopher Socrates is considered one of the greatest philosophers in all of history. He lived from 470 BC to 399 BC (which is where he appears on the Bible Timeline Poster with World History.) [This article continues after a message from the authors] These Articles are Written by the Publishers of The Amazing Bibl

Socrates (c.469-399 BC) was an ancient Greek philosopher from Athens. He is generally acknowledged as one of the pioneers of Western philosophy. Little is known directly of his life, with most surviving information coming via the works of later writers, in particular Xenophon and Plato, who both studied under him. Socrates' Early Lif Socrates was by far one of the most important philosophers. However, he wrote no works of his own; therefore we come to know about Socrates' life and teachings through his student and friend.

All that Socrates did was talk and yet he was sentenced to death. Socrates was accused of refusing to recognize the gods recognized by the state and of corrupting the youth. In his book, Why Socrates Died: Dispelling the Myths , author Robin Waterfield offers a comprehensive study of what led to Socrates' trial, death sentence, and interesting account of Athenian history Did Socrates ever find a definite answer for truth? No, and he didn't want one. Where and when was Socrates born? Circa 470 BCE in Athens, Greece. What age of Greece did Socrates live through? Golden Age Greece was powerful, had conquered a lot, won a war the gods said they would lose. However, they became corrupt Socrates himself admits that he is ignorant, and yet he became the wisest of all men through this self-knowledge. Like an empty cup Socrates is open to receive the waters of knowledge wherever he may find them; yet through his cross examinations he finds only people who claim to be wise but really know nothing 2015.03.27 | By Gregory Nagy §0. In H24H 24§45, I quote and analyze the passage in Plato's Phaedo 117a-118a where Socrates dies. His last words, as transmitted by Plato, are directed at all those who have followed Socrates—and who have had the unforgettable experience of engaging in dialogue with him. Calling out to one of those followers, Crito, who was a native son of the same.

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Greek philosophy is known for its undeniable influence on Western thought. Although there were Greek philosophers before their respective births, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle are the only three worth focusing on during this period. Socrates, born in Athens in 470 BC, is often credited as one of the founders of Western philosophy Socrates Biography. He did not claim to have the answers; he would merely ask questions to his students, forcing them to think for themselves and question their own dogmas and beliefs. As for me, all I know is that I know nothing, and we go our ways — I to die and you to live The power that Socrates's methods and arguments had over the minds of the youth of Athens gripped Plato as firmly as it did many others, and he became a close associate of Socrates. The end of the Peloponnesian War (431-04 B.C.E. ), which caused the destruction of Athens by the Spartans, left Plato in a terrible position Socrates tells us that it was not through chance that he lived the way he did. He was chosen by the Gods to stir Athens from it's laziness and self assured contentment. Like a gadfly might urge a lazy horse, Socrates attempted to shake Athenians from their slumber. He has been divinely guided to pursue knowledge and to help others find true. Socrates — 'No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and s..

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  1. Socrates doesn't say much about war as a topic. But he did speak at great length & detail about civic virtue & duty. And he backed up this with action as well. He was one of the many Athenian citizens that volunteered for service as a hoplite
  2. Editor's Note: In his Memorabilia, Xenophon, a student of Socrates, shares a dialogue between Socrates and one of Socrates' disciples named Epigenes.On noticing his companion was in poor condition for a young man, the philosopher admonished him by saying, You look as if you need exercise, Epigenes. To which the young man replied, Well, I'm not an athlete, Socrates
  3. Socrates tells his interlocutors that because he has lived the life of a 'true philosopher' - seeking knowledge and abstaining from materials and fleshly lust - once he dies, a heavenly realm called the 'Upper Earth' will await his bodiless soul, where he will live among the gods and where things are fairer, smoother and better

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  1. Athenian political realities that Plato did his best to hide. I. F. Stone (This interview was originally published in The New York Times Magazine, April 8, 1979. Stone further developed his ideas about the Socrates trial and published them in his 1988 book, The Trial of Socrates.) By I.F. Ston
  2. From the perspective of Socrates, any knowledge or information he did have was likely to be insignificant (or even completely false) compared to how much was left to be discovered. From such a position, it's easier to say I know that I know nothing rather than the more technical truth: I only know the tiniest bit of knowledge, and even that is probably incorrect
  3. Everyone is constantly searching for the true concept of happiness in their lives. Many pursue fame, money and material goods in order to grain that satisfaction, but others believe that satisfaction from fame, money and material good is only temporary. Many philosophers, specifically Socrates believes that a good life is the true concept of happiness
  4. Socrates did not write any of his philosophy down, so whatever we know of his philosophy comes from secondary sources - Socrates challenges everyone to question what we know and how we ought to live - brought in a new idea/philosophy, thinking out of the box. Why were definitions so important to Socrates
  5. References: [1] Plato - Phaedo (or on the soul) [2] Plato - Apology of Scocrates Notes: Life is a constant preparation for dying (Sykoutris). Aristotle informs us that for Socrates the soulless bodies were useless and could therefore even be thrown away (Nicomachean Ethics 1235a39).To know how to die means to know how to live says Sykoutris on Socrates. You have to know where.
  6. While Socrates may or may not have, as Plato contended, defined man as a featherless biped, Socrates definitely defined man as the species that creates ideas. Men thrive on ideas and live by.
  7. ed lives is not necessarily an insistence to reject all such motivations and inclinations but rather an injunction to appraise.

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Socrates the Soldier . A lesser-known fact is that Socrates was also a soldier. He fought bravely in three campaigns of The Peloponnesian War , where he showed outstanding courage and selflessness, and remarkable endurance for the hardships he experienced during and after the battle.. In the Symposium, a philosophical text by Plato, a young man named Alcibiades praises Socrates' courage and. He will live life blindly and is just as likely to do evil as he is to do good. So if we agree with Socrates that an evil life is not worth living, we can understand why he believes the unexamined life is not worth living. Further Reading. To learn more about Socrates and his views on virtue, knowledge and the examined life, please see the. Democritus (c. 460 - c. 370 BCE) was a Greek philosopher and younger contemporary of Socrates, born in Abdera (though other sources cite Miletus) who, with his teacher Leucippus, was the first to propose an atomic universe.Very little is known of Leucippus and none of his work has survived but he is known by ancient writers as Democritus' teacher, and apparently wrote on many subjects. Socrates argued that this unusual ethics rest on any hope of heavenly reward or fear of its opposite. The benefits of acting in a virtuous way are reaped almost immediately. For to live well means the same thing as to live honourably and the just man is happy and the unjust miserable To really get a deeper perspective on how to live life with true vigor and taste it's fullness, it is necessary to embrace, embody and savor the life and times of Socrates. This course has left no stone unturned as it presents the depth and magnitude along with the magnificence - in exploring Socrates and his place in human history

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For Socrates, to be separated from elenchus by exile (preventing him from investigating the statement) was therefore a fate worse than death. Since Socrates was religious and trusted his religious experiences, such as his guiding daimonic voice , he accordingly preferred to continue to seek the truth to the answer to his question, in the after-life, than live a life not identifying the answer. Did Socrates live a good life? That's a matter of personal opinion but I would say yes. The whole point of his philosophy was to live a good life, which he equated with living wisely and virtuously, even if he was poor and faced hostility from others. Did Socrates get married? Yes. He had a notorious shrew of a wife called Xanthippe and three. Socrates' Life (469-399 BC): Several features of Socrates' life give insight into his ethics. As a young man in battle, he distinguished himself for bravery several times. Socrates exhibited a daimonion — a divine sign or inner voice which issued prohibitory messages in periods of Socratic spells (which some writers find suggestive of epilepsy)

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Socrates, on his speech regarding his death sentence, asked the public that if he had corrupted the youth. And if so, why then Plato's and any of the other youth's fathers did not have any problem with him. However, Plato was not present at the prison on Socrates's last day We're used to thinking hugely well of democracy. But interestingly, one of the wisest people who ever lived, Socrates, had deep suspicions of it. To buy book..

Socrates: I don't like politics. Socrates, on the other hand, does not take part in politics. He often stated he could not look into other's matters or tell people how to live their lives when he did not understand how to live his own life Socrates is famous for arguing that we must Know Thyself to be wise, that the unexamined life is not worth living. Thus it is a cruel irony that Socrates was condemned to death for corrupting the youth (for educating them to Philosophy and arguing that people are ignorant of the Truth) Socrates, however, did no more than remind the jury that he had a family. Neither his wife Xanthippe nor any of his three sons made a personal appearance. On the contrary, Socrates--according to Plato--contends that the unmanly and pathetic practice of pleading for clemency disgraces the justice system of Athens So Socrates, like Odysseus, meets that third wave which will carry him to his Phaeacia (Odyssey V, 313, 425). The one thing that must be changed, he announces solemnly (c2) is this: Unless either philosophers rule in the cities, or those who are now called kings and dynasts philosophize genuinely and sufficiently, and these two—namely political power and philosophy—coincide, and the.

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In a familiar passage at the end of Plato's Apology, Socrates offers an account of what he believes will happen to us when we die.As in the Phaedo, it is his impending death that prompts Socrates to speculate about the nature of the afterlife: as soon as his verdict is announced, Socrates turns to the jury to gloss on his sentencing.It was unprecedented, as far as we know, for a defendant in. Socrates also gives us an excellent glimpse into what he considers to be the philosophical life in section 507 - 508 of the Gorgias. Here Socrates discusses what makes a man happy and content and what actions a man must follow through with in order to live a full, examined life

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If Socrates were to evade the consequences of the city's guilty verdict, the Laws explain, he would renege on his long-standing agreement with Athens to live according to its rules: Socrates, did we agree on this, we and you, to honor the decisions that the city makes Reading about Socrates' biography got me thinking whether he really existed or not. I understand that pretty much all the historians argue that Socrates did exist, but I was wondering if there was any credible evidence that he didn't, that he was maybe a creation in the works of Plato

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Coming some 400 years before the man who taught his followers to drink a cup in order to live, Socrates drank a cup in order to die. But before he drank the infused hemlock, before he received this reverse-Eucharist, Socrates publicly ruminated on the nature of death to his fellow Athenians Socrates did everything he could to not succumb to this inevitability. But he is only 15 and there are three more years that he will have to survive on the streets before he can earn money legally. Eventually he will be forced to make choices among criminality which leads to prison and/or death or prostitution and suicide Socrates replied: But my method forbids to use violence, and I am of opinion that all men fled from the wretch Scylla, because she detained them by force: whereas the Syrens did no violence to any man, and employed only their tuneful voices to detain those who passed near them, so that all stopped to hear, and suffered themselves to be insensibly charmed by the music of their songs. - Socrates. Socrates Quotes that will help you improve yourself. 43. Our prayers should be for blessings in general, for God knows best what is good for us. - Socrates. 44. Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writings so that you shall come easily by what others have labored hard for. - Socrates. 45 SOCRATES. SOCRATES (c. 469 - 399 bce) was a Greek philosopher. Commonly regarded as the father of philosophy, Socrates' influence on Western thought has been huge throughout history. Almost every epoch saw in him a precursor of its own ideas and values, and a model of wisdom and morality An Inquiry Into How To Live a Good Life. The art of Socratic method in everyday life (Socrates, duh) November 6, 2015 by Hope Wilson 3 Comments . The unexamined life is not worth living. -Socrates. How many times, upon high school success and acceptance to college,.

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